Web Faith Media was founded upon the belief in the power of churches and ministries to bring the saving message of Jesus Christ to the lost.  To help define our understanding of Biblical truth, we have established the following set of core beliefs.  These are things that we believe to be absolutely true.  As a client (or prospective client) of ours, we would ask that you review these statements.

  • God is the Creator and Ruler of the Universe.  He is eternal, and exists in three equal persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • The Bible is God’s Word.  It is inerrant, infallible, and complete.
  • Jesus Christ is God in human flesh.  He is fully God, was born of a virgin, and was fully man while he walked on the earth.  He will return to reign on the earth as King.  He is the only person to have ever lived a sinless life.
  • All humans were created to glorify God.
  • All people are eternally lost; salvation is by faith in Jesus Christ alone.
  • The Church exists to glorify God through worship, ministry, evangelism, fellowship and discipleship.  The mission of the Church is to fulfill the Great Commission.V
  • All people will exist forever.  We will either exist eternally separated from God in Hell, or together with Him in Heaven.  The only way to Heaven is through Jesus Christ.
  • Where the Bible speaks, we must listen and obey.  Where it is silent, we must allow liberty.

If you would rather not work with a firm that holds these beliefs, then we respectfully understand that you may be better served by working with another vendor.


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