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We Design Websites For Growing Churches And Ministries.

1 Corinthians 3:9 (KJV 2000) simply says ”For we are laborers together with God. You are Gods field, you are Gods building.” Web Faith Media is a Christ centered web design company that endeavors to support work of the Kingdom of God. We design websites for churches and organizations whose mission is to glorify and proclaim the good news, the gospel of Jesus Christ who is author and perfecter of our faith.

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Plan For New Churches

New churches need all the help they can get. We are passionate about helping the Church bear fruit online, and we know that Web Faith Media is the best way to do it. Our system is simple enough for the novice, but sophisticated enough to grow with you as your ministry expands.

We’re proud to offer 6 months of FREE hosting to new, qualifying church ministries.

If you are:

  • A new church that has either started in the past 12 months, or has not yet started
  • A church with fewer than 75 adults in attendance
  • In agreement with our posted Core Beliefs
  • Looking for an incredible Web platform that’s easy to manage
  • And many more features and apps

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Plan For Establish Churches

Our aim is to provide the highest quality websites available at a price every ministry can afford. We could charge more (a lot more) but our goal is simple, to help ministries connect with people. It is more than just hosting, it includes our years of experience helping churches.

We’re proud to offer you a website design for your ministry plus hosting for $44.99 per months.

Included features:

  • Prayer request system to help facilitate the management of prayer request.
  • Event calendar system that combines a clean visual design.
  • Sermon media that allows churches to simply upload sermons.
  • Members directory simplicity in design and functions
  • And many more features and apps

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Everything you need to build your online Ministry

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Domain Registration

The Right .ORG Domain, for your ministry now.


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Professional Email

Create more memorable, credible ministry email addresses.[/tt_vector_box]

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SSL Certificates

Protect your online ministry with our SSL certificates.


Some Of Our Favorite Work

Below is a small collection of some of our favorite work from current partners.

Teens Before Parents
Hebron Evangelival Bible Institute
Hebron Evangelical Church
Impressions Outreach

Words From Our Happy Partners

We work with GREAT partners and truly enjoy making our partners shine online.

[karma_builder_testimonial_1][karma_builder_testimonial_1_slide banner_image_attachment_id=”2971″ client_headshot_image_attachment_id=”2551″ client_name=”– A. R. Mack” testimonial_text=”I am very pleased with the professional work and the professional look of my website designed by Web Faith Media. I especially appreciate the open communication and quick response when I request design changes or content updates. I would recommend Web Faith Media with 100% confidence in the quality of work that will be provided.”][karma_builder_testimonial_1_slide banner_image_attachment_id=”2908″ client_headshot_image_attachment_id=”2797″ client_name=”– David” testimonial_text=”An integral part to running a popular blog is to ensure that customizations are done quickly to minimize adverse impact on the reader’s experience. Although we operate on a self-hosted platform, we have integrated CSS and the use of other utilities to ensure the aesthetics and formatting on the blog is customer friendly.

Web Faith Media facilitating high quality support, knowledge and experience in the use of CSS and other software languages has been a tremendous asset to date.”][/karma_builder_testimonial_1]

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