Responsive Design is Responsible Design

This society is on the verge of becoming completely… as in 100%… mobile. Sales of smartphones and tablets have overtaken desktop sales. Mobile internet usage is expected to eclipse desktop usage as early as next year.

So our question to you is… Is your website responsive?
If your answer is yes, then congratulations and we’ll see you at our next blog post.
If your answer is no, then this is a great time for an “upgrade” on your current model.

 What is a responsive website?

A website that is responsive adapts for optimal viewing on all desktop and mobile devices. Desktops/laptops, smartphones, e-readers, and tablets all have various screen resolutions, screen sizes, operating systems, and supporting browsers.

Before responsive design, businesses resorted to creating multiple websites… one for desktops, others for mobile devices. Now, you can have your site built once and work seamlessly across all platforms and screens.

The benefits of responsive web design are obvious. Besides only having to build one website for your business. Websites that aren’t optimized for mobile can severely hurt your traffic… and by extension, potential sales. Since nearly everyone in the world is using their phones or tablets to connect online, a website that “doesn’t work” on their device is a major turn off. A responsive website is the easiest way to ensure you are reaching all of your visitors and potential customers no matter where or how they access your site as well as giving them a great user experience regardless of the device.

Frankly, this is one wave of the future you should be riding.

Are you ready to take responsibility and be responsive? Let us know… we can help!

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