New Churches

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No Hidden Fees, We Promise

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$99.99 One -Time Setup

Our aim is to provide the highest quality websites available at a price every ministry can afford. We could charge more (a lot more) but our goal is simple, to help ministries connect with people.

$44.99 per Month after your 6 Month

It is more than just unlimited hosting, it includes a CMS, updates, email and free-telephone support along with our years of experience helping churches connect with people.

What is the site setup fee for?

By charging you a one time sign up fee plus $44.99 per month, we are able to assist you with getting your church website online. We work hard at making the process as easy as possible which means that you will have a dedicated, seasoned professional web team who will answer your questions and help you to add content to your website as well as configuring your e-mail accounts, DNS and much more. This fee also pays for our staff who are just an e-mail or phone call away to assist you whenever you need.

New churches need all the help they can get. We are passionate about helping the Church bear fruit online, and we know that Web Faith Media is the best way to do it. Our system is simple enough for the novice, but sophisticated enough to grow with you as your ministry expands.

We’re proud to offer 6 months of free hosting to new, qualifying gospel centered church, church plant, missionary, or gospel centered non-profit ministry. By gospel centered we mean that your church/ministry believes and teaches that faith in Jesus Christ is the only requirement for eternal salvation.

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  • A church with fewer than 75 adults in attendance.
  • In agreement with our posted Core Beliefs.
  • Looking for an incredible Web platform that’s easy to manage.

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  • A full-featured Web Faith Media Church Website, using any one of our custom design themes.
  • Prayer request App; Events calendar App; Sermon media App; Member’s directory App; Photo gallery; Blogging and 6 months of FREE Hosting.
  • 6 months of Web Faith Media service, which includes hosting for your Website, Email, and free Web Faith Media Service via phone, web or Email, 24/7 support.

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  • A one-time $99.00 setup fee.
  • NO monthly fees for 6 months. This is a savings of over $250.00!
  • A discounted hourly rate of $79 if you need any custom tweaks to your design. (Remember that most clients don’t need any tweaks, since you can control just about everything on your site!)
  • Any other associated fees for third-party services, such as credit card processing, live streaming, or church management systems.


After your 6-month period ends, you’ll begin to pay for monthly service at the current rates. You will be able to pay monthly or annually according to our billing options. You can also upgrade or downgrade to other levels of Web Faith Media service, according to your needs.

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Click the purchase button.
  2. Fill out the short questionnaire.
  3. Sit back and relax.

In about 5-7 day’s you’ll receive a welcome email with a link to your new site and an article with some helpful tips on where to begin editing your site.